Can Rockwood Carriage House really seat 200 people?

I fell in love with Rockwood Carriage House when I toured it and we have the venue under contract for next November. However, we want to invite around 190 people. I know people say that you can expect 20% of people to say no but I'm very worried about that volume of people fitting in the room and on the dance floor. We want lots of dancing! Has anyone been to a wedding this size there?

Thank you!!!

Re: Can Rockwood Carriage House really seat 200 people?

  • I think if they open up the back doors and you use the portion under the tent-type thing, it can.

    That being said: don't rely on the 20% thing! Neither my brother or I had that many people decline.
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  • we looked at carriage house for our reception and we too fell in love with it. i was told 185 people are seated comfortably, but we have about 225 guests that we are inviting. they said that we could not do the head table like we wanted and that our sweatheart table would probably be sitting on the dance floor. we ended up not going with them, because we obviously have too many people. but i have heard that the weddings there are beautiful!!
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  • I don't know about Rockwood... but some places open up additional seating in different rooms. This is why we said no to Brantwyn right off the bat. I would hate having guests in a separate room.
  • Sorry I can't help with your question, but I have one for you!. I love it too but, can you give me a heads up on their pricing? Much appreciated
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