Places for Engagement Pics?

We're having our e-pics done June 14! YAY!

Our photographer is based in Newark (Kalen Foley). We're in MD so we weren't sure where to do the pics.

We're planning on doing them in DE just because the photographer knows the area. I asked him for some places but wanted to ask you guys too!

He suggested Longwood gardens. I've only been there in the winter, but it was still beautiful.

Any good places I should know about?

Re: Places for Engagement Pics?

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    i was just about to suggest longwood. deffinitely. ^_^ u'll be able to get any kind of surrounding u want there. castle at the bell tower, primmed gardens in the Italian gardens, lakeside, woods, 3 kinds of "tree houses" (1's like rivendell, second is like a church w/ dragon carvings, & the other is like a barn/recycled wood), fountains all over, the ballroom in the building, oriental at the pagoda,... great location ^_^
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    I would suggest Gibraltar or Valley Garden Park if you want classic garden/outdoor pics (Valley Garden Park is so pretty at sunset, they have this moss covered footbridge that is wonderful!).  Rockwood Park in the city is really nice, it's a popular spot for city brides.  There is also the choice of someplace like Carousel Park, which has the horses, the ponds, the old west storefronts, that kind of stuff.  The gardens at Winterthur might be an option (not sure if they do sessions of that type or not).  If you want something more, check out Old New Castle (great buildings, plus gardens of different types).  The Riverfront is also another spot that offers different and unique oppurtunities that create great pictures (the train station, the walkways along the river, the Blue Rocks baseball stadium, and many more).  Even UD is nice for pics on the green, because of the paths, the kissing arches, and the old style buildings.

    I would actually suggest steering clear of Longwood.  The reason being because 1) it's a hike getting to the good picture spots, and in the summer can leave you looking droopy and sweaty, 2) if it rains, they do not allow pictures inside, which leaves you out in the wet, and either out of pictures or out of time (since you either have to wait for the rain to end or come back another day), and possibly out money if your photog charges you for a second session, and 3) I believe they require some special set up beforehand, either a donation or paperwork/clearance with them, as well as they won't clear the gardens for you, so you don't get them all to yourself.  When I was booking photogs, epic locations was one of the questions I asked, and all of them suggested steering clear of Longwood- just passing along the info I was giving.

    Hope those suggestions help you find a great place for photos!  Good luck with your epics!
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