Allure Bridal deals?

Hi guys! I found an Allure bridal gown I love at Claire's Fashions on Philadelphia Pike but it is a few hundred dollars above my budget. My wedding isn't until May 2014 (we moved it back 6 months which is why I already found my dress) so I have plenty of time to shop around. It is a new dress in their couture line. Just wondering if you know of any warehouses or shops in the northeast (willing to go to NY, MD or PA) that carry Allure Bridals but at a discount? I can make the price work if I need to but I figured I would try to shop around since I have plenty of time and know exactly which dress I like. I saw RK Bridal is a warehouse in NY that sells Allure gowns but I didn't know if that was a good place and I was just generally looking for advice regarding where to find good prices on Allure gowns. Thanks!

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     A lot of brides on the Attire and Accessories board recommend Pearl's Place.  They are located in Louisiana, I believe, but they are a brick and morter shop that discounts gowns, and you can order over the phone from them. You might be able to get the gown you love there for a cheaper price.  I took a quick look at their site and they do carry Allure gowns.
    Give them a call and see how much they would charge for the gown you love.
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    Don't forget to take sales tax into consideration if you purchase out of state. It might make any discount you receive minimal after you factor the tax in.
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    I too have been looking at Allure Bridal wedding dresses and have searched so many different bridal shops.  I have talked to a shop in Minnesota that has a whole line of them.  You may want to compare prices and see if they can help getting the allure dress within your budget.

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    Would you consider buying preowned? You can get a great deal that way through a site like

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