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Baby Checks!

I got a few things accomplished this past week/weekend online.

I mentioned in previous posts that I'm incorporating feathers into the wedding decor.  I'm using ostrich feathers in the centerpieces, and thought it would be cute to get hair accessories for myself and my MOH/BM.  I ordered these hair clips over the weekend.  It has both purple and blue which we are using as ceremony/reception colors.

I also ordered a personalized lingerie hanger from etsy with my new Mrs. name on it.  I plan to use it for cute pics before the ceremony, then keep it.

I also booked a b-pic session for May.  I planned all along to do these pics for FI as the wedding gift, I just didnt know what photographer/studio to go with.  My MOH is going to do the session too for her husband, so it should be fun.

Re: Baby Checks!

  • Mattsbride10Mattsbride10 member
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    Thats great news!
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    The clips above are for the MOH and BM.  I'm going to order something white for myself.
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    Awesome checks! Did you get the hair pieces from Etsy?

    Did you get the hanger from the same seller that everyone on the Philly board is talking about?

    Who are you using for your B-Pics?  FI told me last night yes and no to them, he thinks they would be hot, but he doesn't know what he would do with them after looking at them once.  I told him it's also a boost of confidence for me, and when he understood all that, he thinks I should do them.  I don't think my photog does them, so I need to find someone who does...maybe I should see about getting a group session together...
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    Awesome checks!  Love the hair clips.
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    Yes, they are from etsy.  I've been looking and looking for something and finally found one that I like.  I had to make a special request to get 2, but the seller was able to make another over the weekend, and they shoud be shipped today!

    I did order the hanger from etsy too.. and I think its the same seller.  I requested to receive it early so I can maybe use it for the bpics.  I dont plan to have my photog at the hotel when I'm getting ready for the wedding, so I dont know if I'll be able to get good pics before I get dressed at the venue.

    I first was looking at Pink Kitty studios in West Chester for bpics, because it looked more fun and characterized.  But, I changed my mind and decided to book Sarah Schulte because her pics are just softer and more romantic in my opinion.  Everything I've seen has been around $500 so I don't think there is any way to get around the cost.  Pink Kitty has group sessions that run less, but I think you have to make your own group (like a party with friends).
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