some updates....

ceremony site- St Anns In Bethany beach
reception site- MIllsboro Vol. Firehall

our invitations should be arriving shortly, the wife of a friend of FI is doing them and i think they look stunning! she has emailed designs and patterns, and after i approved those she printed them on different types of paper and mailed those to us and we (more so me i guess) picked the one i liked (they look stunning!!!!!) right now they are delayed because the envelopes she got for them she didnt like so shes getting new ones...... i am sooooo excited! (not so much about having to address 47 envelopes though lol)

flowers we are doing ourselves, there is a flower place up north that my MOH knows about, which ended up being silk flowers which really doesnt bother me (if they look as good as my mom said they did) because then we can make the center pieces ahead of time and my bouquet will last and i wont have to spend money to get it preserved or anything.

we are not having a dj (we just dont have the money), we're gonna just be lazy and play music from a stereo, our caterer is Georgia House Restaurant, beer and wine open bar for 4 hours, i'm making my own cake which i am more than capable of doing.

thats all that i can think of right now. its not much but its our wedding and we are very happy with it....

Re: some updates....

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