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Hello, and welcome to the Delaware board of The Knot! 

Consider this post your official welcome to the board, and an extremely heartfelt invitation to join our community and start posting!  I am completely biased, but I really think we have the most awesome girls around, right here on this board. 

These are a couple of helpful hints and general guidelines for the Knot and the Delaware board.  I put these together to help out anyone who may be a little hesitant to ask (like I was at first!).

Screen/Knottie Names and Safety
*First and foremost, please please please use common sense on here.  Do not create an account with your full name in it; if you have one, create another one and use that to post on the boards.  It's your safety.  Yes, there are creepers-most of them wedding related- that creep on the board.  And yes, there are consequences to having your full name out there on a board like this.  Please, think before creating your Knottie name!

*It is highly suggested that you create an email account just for TK.  There will be times that you will want to talk to other Knottie brides off the board (especially when talking about Vendors) and will need to supply your email addy.  If you are supplying your regular or work email, you will get spammed.  Not only that, but it can be revealing important info as well (esp if you use your work email).  Be on the safe side, and create an account that is just for here.

Jumping In and Joining the Board
*If there is one thing that I would recommend you do first, it's introduce yourself to the board!  This board loves to help others, but we love helping people we know even more!  So, tell us a little about yourself: when you got engaged, when the wedding is, your favorite ice cream flavor, anything you want!  We really love hearing stories :)The girls on this board really are amazing and very helpful, and like I said up top, I truly believe they are the best girls around. 

*Please remember, though, while the girls are helpful and usually very nice, they are also trying to be honest- they don't want to give you false advice or hope that could come back to bite you in the buttt. Please don't take responses too much to heart, and don't get upset if someone says something that you may not agree with. We are all here to help each other, and differences of opinions will happen.

*Sometimes on the DE board you will see us participating in a "Siggy Challenge". That's where the board as a whole decides on a topic, and you pick a picture for your siggy that fits that topic.  If you need help with a siggy, feel free to put a post out there after checking out the site above.  You may also see quizzes, polls, and other posts not related to wedding planning; please join in the fun! 

*While this is a wedding board, many of us have become very close, and share non-wedding related happenings on here as well. Feel free to share something exciting happening in your life! Also, to liven up the board, we will sometimes play games- quizzes, questions, finish the sentence- which can be lots of fun too! You will find up and coming brides on here, as well as pros who have already gone through the process. Take their advice as much as you can- they have been there, done that, and know what works!

Help with Posts (and anything Post-related)
*Before asking a question, scroll down and read through the previous posts to make sure that someone hasn't already asked your question- you may not only find the answer to your question, but other advice that will help you out tremendously!  If you don’t find your answer, ask away!

*Paging is where you put the name of the person you wish to talk to in the subject line, and they respond to the post when they see it.  Make sure to check the board for someone who may be “paging” you!  If you need help with anything, feel free to "page" me under either of these names, or a variation of them (Britt, Briar, MBR, anything creative that comes to mind!).

*If you want to C&P from someplace else without the font ending up looking all weird, just C&P into Notepad first, then C&P into your reply- tada, no messy fonts!

*If you have questions about abbreviations, please visit the link below (the lingo section is at the bottom). If there is one that you see that isn't in that list, just ask about it!:

Bio and Siggy Help (especially for Older Knotties)
With the revamping of TK boards, the bios and siggys also got a bit revamped.  If you click your name, you will notice you are taken to a bio page; if you had an old bio, there should be a link to it somewhere in the new bio (you can choose to turn it off if you like).  The Knot is really working to make the bio section better and more interactive than it was, and so far, have done a decent job.  Here are some tips related to the bios and siggys:
*Some of the siggys did not transport over during the switch.  If yours happened to be one, you will have to edit it like you did before.  If yours came over but the pictures are now links and all, or you would like to edit it, here is what to do:
-Click your name under any post you have replied to or created.  It should send you to your bio page on TK but if it sends you married Knotties to TN, click “my planning bio” under your picture to get back to your Knot Bio. 
-Click on “edit my avatar and sig”.  This is located near the top of the page, directly above the picture next to your Knottie name.
-IF YOUR SIGGY CAME OVER WITH LINKS, just click save at the bottom again; it should update to pictures and clickable links right away. 
-If your siggy happened to be lost, or your code isn’t working, USE THE FOLLOWING CODE (minus the stars) for creating a new one (I highly recommend for the links- if you need help, page me):
For pictures:
<img src=*"LINK TO PIC HERE"*width=200>
For websites:
<a href=*""*>YOUR WORDS HERE</a>

*If you need Siggy help, please visit the following link for directions on how to place items in your signature:

Cleaner looking board
If you are tired of the mumbo jumbo that is appearing on your screen around the board, try this link:
if that link does not work for you, do this:
-Go to a post where you commented.
-Click the magnifying glass underneath your post.
-That will open up all of your posts under that name.
-Click the board that you want to more easily view.
-There ya go- no tv, ads, or anything of the like!

Viewing Preferences
Once you are on the easier-to-read board, there are a couple of choices you have. 
One, you can choose not to view anyone’s signature; just click the box to change your choice. 
Two, you can choose how the posts appear: in time order, or in reply order.  If you want your posts to appear in time order, make sure the box is checked.  If you want your posts to appear by the latest reply, uncheck the box. 

I hope that encompasses most of the advice for this board.  If anyone thinks something should be added, please either page me or reply here with helpful advice!  I hope this helps out anyone who may have had some questions, or was hesitant to start posting- please, come join us on the board!

If you feel that you need to communicate more privately with me, my email is (note there is no period in my email!).  I will try to get back to you in a timely manner, and will try my best to help you with whatever you need.

Again, welcome to the board!  We are so happy to have new members join us, and can’t wait to see your screenname pop up on the board.


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    Hello! Thanks for the welcome. I am new here. I'm not a bride, but I am a potential vendor. I would like to get some info on how to become a vendor in thank you!
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