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RSVPing online?

We are getting ready to send out our invites, and I am creating a webpage for guests to view (this address will go on the bridal shower invites, instead of listing our registry locations).

One of the options I have on the website is to include a place for guests to RSVP (both for the wedding and for the bridal shower).  Now, we have RSVP cards for the wedding (obviously), which list the meal choices.  For the shower, we will most likely have them respond to my mom or sister (I am making the shower invites, since I scrapbook and we found a bridal shower stamp kit on the clearance rack at ACMoore.  My sisters (MOHs) and mom also thought this would be something good for me to do to occupy my time, since I am home all day and after surgery will need something I can do sitting without much bending or twisting).

Now, I personally have never RSVP'd to a wedding online.  Do I offer this as an option?  Did/Are you offering this?  How many guests did RSVP online?  What are your thoughts on it all?  I just don't know what to do with it, and am not sure if I like the idea or not!

Re: RSVPing online?

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    My bridal shower was last weekend and a friend went with me to return some of the stuff(lingerie) for gift cards.  I was talking to her about the myregistry.com registry we have and how much I love it cause I can put anything from anywhere.  She then went on to explain that her Aunt Peggy - who is also on my guest list is never gonna see my online registry cause she's 65 and prefers to go on the store and print the registry up and pick something out. 

    So I guess my point is, some people just kind of like the old school paper way :-)!  Give them the option of both - but then be prepared to waste some stamps - lol!

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    I think people are more likely to put off going on-line to RSVP because it seems so easy and they'll think, "Oh, I'll do that later" as opposed to having the stamped, RSVP card and envelope right in their hands.

    And then you have to remember your not-so internet saavy guests like Great Aunt Bertha :)
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    I personally don't like to RSVP online to things.  However, I LOVED LOVED LOVED getting the little RSVP envelopes in the mail.  DH would call me everday and say 'we got 3 today, or we got 6!". 

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