Wanted to share, ring bearer story

My nephew/godson is going to be our ring bearer.  He's 4 years old (will be a month from 5 at the time of the wedding).  Of course, he really doesn't understand much about the wedding, so my mom and sister have been trying to slowly build it up and get him excited about it.

The other weekend, they were talking to him about the wedding and he was asking questions about if his family would be there and then asking about specific people if they would be there. 

So my sister started telling him that he gets to wear a suit and walk down the aisle with a girl in a pretty dress throwing flowers.  He stops her mid sentence and says, "Wait, I get to wear a suit?"  My sister tells him yes to which he replies, "Um, I think.........I want to wear a Batman suit".

Laughing  LOL he is so funny.  I can't wait even more to see him at the wedding!


Re: Wanted to share, ring bearer story

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