affordable Southern DE or Ocean City area venues

My sister is stressing out about where to have her wedding & reception in the Delmarva area.  She will have up to 130 guests and wants to keep the budget under $10K if possible.  She's all about doing something super casual - even a BBQ.  But finding an affordable venue is proving to be difficult.  The venue needs to have indoor and outdoor options - they are super outdoorsy people but don't want to be without a backup plan.  Oh, and she does not want anything cliche - no hotel ballrooms, no country clubs, no golf courses.  Ideally a barn/farm location would be great but she hasn't found one in the area yet.   

Re: affordable Southern DE or Ocean City area venues

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    I'm in the same boat as your sister! I have been looking at a few ideas myself - sussex county doesn't really have a lot to offer. My fiance and I have decided that we are going to open up some venues of our own within the next couple of years because of how there is such a lack of non cliche places.

    One place we have been looking at (if you're interested in the indoor ceremony) is Dove Pointe in Salisbury. This place looks so much like the Fountains, but so cheap and you can get outside caterers for cheap. My sister's sister-in-law was married here, had a wedding for 200 ppl and it only costed her 2K for everything (they just got a keg for the alcohol) and it looked like a 10-15k wedding. You can have the ceremony in this location as well.

    I dont know any barns or farms, if you found/find one please let me know. The only thing close to this would be the Marvel Museum in Georgetown (they rent for weddings but I believe you can only have it outdoors not inside the barn). Crazy that there are all these fields and no place.

    There is a place in Milton, Lavender farm, but I don't know how much they charge, etc. I just recently found them online and haven't been there to check the location out.

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    Thanks for the info, I'll pass along to my sister!  I think she may have found a good beachfront option but she hasn't booked yet.  I'll get the info from her if you are interested. 
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    @orangjul‌ what beachfront location if you don't mind me asking
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