Q about other people in the wedding

FI and I were trying to figure out who else we will need for our wedding.  Right now, we have (besides the bridal party), the readers (we will have 3 readings, an Old Testament, New Testament, and Gospel.  Since the Pastor reads the Gospel, we will have 2 readers) and 1 communion assistant (since it's a Lutheran wedding, and many of our guests are Catholic, we will more than likely have someone in one of the immediate families/bridal party do it, since they all know how to do it properly).  We figured the 2 GM, 1 Best Maid, and 1 MOB escort can act as ushers to seat people.

Any suggestions on who else needs to be included?  Things like a guest book attendee?  Etc?  We need to come up with these people so that we can make sure nothing is forgotten...suggestions?

Re: Q about other people in the wedding

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    I dont think a guest book attendant is necessary.  But that's just me.  Are you doing a unity candle or anything during the ceremony?  If so, I assume the mom's have a job too :)  Other than that, I think you have everything covered for the ceremony.

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