Lots of checks! in the works

I feel like I'm getting a lot accomplished in the past week or so.

We've got our second meeting with our priest set up for March 6th in the morning, then we've scheduled a meeting with our caterer for later in the afternoon, and I just sent an email out to hopefully meet with the bakery after that.  Living in Maryland, I try to schedule as many appointments in one day as possible.

I also got rooms at one of our two hotel choices blocked for our guests.  The second is sending me out the information and proposal today.

I ordered the beads and accessories I need to start attempting to make the bridesmaids jewelry and I've also finished ordering all of the sample paper/envelopes I need to make a sample of our invitation to take to the post office for weighing.

So lots of checks or almost checks.  A lot more to do, but I feel like I've accomplished something.


Re: Lots of checks! in the works

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    Awesome checks!
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    Congrats on the awesome checks!  You are really on the ball!

    I am making my BM's jewelry too!!!  What are you doing for them?  I am doing pearl and ribbon necklaces or bracelets (or both, depending on what the girls want).  I am really big into jewelry making, and we went up to the bead show at the Valley Forge Convention Center and got a crapton of beads for such awesome prices...I calculated that the BM gifts will cost less than $10- and that's with real 6 mm pearls!
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    I'm attempting to make necklaces/bracelets like these

    So far, I've bought the swavorski pearls and roundelles, clasps, crimping beads, and a pearl knotter I've spent less than $10 per girl.  My BMs are wearing two different dresses:


    I'm making necklaces for the girls wearing the strapless and bracelets for those wearing the y-neck.

    My mom is wearing a dress in "champagne", so I'm making her the same necklace but in a light purple/lavender/mauve color.

    I'm a pretty crafty person, but I've never made jewelry before.  However, I have a very good friend who does.  She's going to give me some pointers.  Once I get some silk thread I'll be all ready to give it a shot!

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