Tea Barn at Fair Hill (Elkton, MD)

Has anyone used this venue? Looking for some advice or feedback. Thanks so much!

Re: Tea Barn at Fair Hill (Elkton, MD)

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    I'm getting married there next Saturday! :)
    It's cheap, they're flexible to work with, but it requires a LOT of prep work and coordinating.. I'm a control freak and would have wanted to do it that way anyways, so it worked out... but it's a very barebones venue. 
    They fill up quickly, so if you're interested don't wait.
    If you PM me your email address, I can send you photos if you'd like (and more photos after next Sat.. but right now I just have pics of what it is plain, if you haven't been)

    I'm excited about it! I wish it were SLIGHTLY bigger (or my guest list were slightly smaller, hah) but it'll work. :)

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    In Response to <a href="">Tea Barn at Fair Hill (Elkton, MD)</a>:
    [QUOTE]Has anyone used this venue? Looking for some advice or feedback. Thanks so much!
    Posted by thejennyz[/QUOTE]

    I'm getting married there this August!  I agree with the other poster on everything.  I booked it in February and they had almost every weekend for the summer booked.  There is no heat or AC so keep that in mind when looking at dates.  It's extremely inexpensive to use and the people are easy to work with.  A lot of local vendors also have worked events there which is nice and makes planning a little less stressful. 
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    I need the size of the room & any possible pictures please.
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    I know this is an older thread..but do you ladies have pics I could see from your wedding??!! thanks!! :)
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    Here's 2 pics:  (1)  <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
    (2)  <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

    I have just found out about this barn.  W.L. Gore rented it out for an employee gathering with an electronic bull.  It sounds like a really fun place to do a lot with!  Fairhill is a nice area and if used as a wedding venue, I would suggest calling the Marriott Courtyard at the University of Delaware for the wedding room block.  The barn is close by and the hotel has recently been renovated.  Here's the address and ph#: 

    Marriott Courtyard at the University of Delaware
    400 David Hollowell Drive
    Newark, DE 19716

    PH#:  (302) 737-0900
    Web Site:  <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

    In Response to <a href="">Re: Tea Barn at Fair Hill (Elkton, MD)</a>:
    [QUOTE]I know this is an older thread..but do you ladies have pics I could see from your wedding??!! thanks!! :)
    Posted by 102432[/QUOTE]
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    Would you mind sending me pictures? I can't find anything online and I really want to get an idea of what it looks like! thankyou!!! Email is
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    We just had our wedding at the Tea Barn on September 14, 2013.  It was great!! We loved it, here are some more pictures! 
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    maistroswedding could you email me larger versions of the pics from your wedding? I am getting married there next year and need some decor inspiration!
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    These are great pictures. Could anyone send me more? Am hoping to book for 2015 wedding, however, they wont let me book for more than a year out! When I called there were people in line at 8am to hold the date for their wedding next year. Guess I'll have to camp out!!
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    steff - don't camp out!  my mother and I, and another woman, did just that last week.  we didn't get it (the other woman did - it came down to flipping a coin!!  I'm not even joking).  the confusion led them to change their policies to make it come down to a phone call, which is how I got it this morning.  

    call them to confirm, but don't make the mistake we all did and camp out (though the other woman turned out to be very nice, and an ally in my effort to book the barn!).  
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    @maistroswedding great pics!  It's awesome to see how you laid out your tables.  Also your decor is very cute!  

    @steff163 good luck with booking!  I know the one year rule really sucks and it made me ridiculously impatient when we were trying to reserve our date there.  If it helps, the most competitive months are May, June, September, and October because they're the good weather months and the building doesn't have AC/ heat.  We booked for August next year and no-one else had been waiting or calling for our weekend or the weekend before it.  Also, if you visit them, sometimes people cancel for various reasons and a certain weekend might open in a good month! (When we stopped in, there was a JUNE weekend open!  We would've taken it but the date was too close to fiance's brother's wedding..)

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    Hello! Congrats on your wedding! Could you send me pics...I am getting married at the tea barn in march and I am trying to get some decor ideas! My email is Thanks so much
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    I just booked the tea barn for my march wedding and I was looking for any advice about the place. And if anyone is selling or renting any decor please let me know!!
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    Congrats on your upcoming wedding meghandenise! My daughter got married there this past March! It was fabulous! It is truly a great venue! The office staff is so nice and so easy to work with! March is a crazy weather month. We worried about how cold it would be for the guests!  It was cold in the barn last March. I called the office and they gave me the number for Elkton rentals to rent heaters and that they would know exactly what I needed, I called them and they delivered 2 heaters, one for the upstairs and one for downstairs! They heated the whole barn! It ended up being 63 degrees that day and she was able to have the ceremony outside!


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    Thanks Donna.  Those pics are beautiful.  I will have to call Elkton rentals for heaters.  Thanks for the advice!
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    hello. I am getting married there next year! I really want to drape fabric from the ceilings upstairs and was wondering if anyone had any kind of measurements? I would greatly appreciate it!
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    Hello! I have been eyeing up the Tea Barn for quite some time... I don't have anything booked yet but we are most likely going to book here.... I would LOVE it and APPRECIATE it very much is people had pictures they could send me??? Pictures of it empty/plain and/or pictures of it decorated... also pictures of the "grounds/outside" would be appreciated too. We are going to plan a day to go up and check it out but I'm so anxious to see it! I've only seen a few pictures so more would be awesome.

    My e-mail is

    Thanks for your help,


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    Could you send me pictures from your wedding? I am interested in the Tea Barn and would love to know how it worked out for you!


    Donna Gustafson

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    Your wedding was beautiful! Were the tables and chairs included in the price of renting the barn? Also how do you contact the barn about renting it? 
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    Since this is a super old thread, I'm going to close it. Feel free to make another thread, though!

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