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I have booked my wedding at the Clarion Belle in New Castle for September of this year (at the recommendation of many brides from this board!)  I love EVERYTHING about this venue...except their new wedding coordinator.  When I originally booked, Stephanie was the consultant and she was a doll.  But she is no longer working their and this twit named Danielle has taken her place.  She never returns my phone calls, emails, etc. and I am getting very stressed out.  I am finishing up my last semester of school full time, working and have a family to maintain.  FH is working 3 jobs currently so schedules are tight and I am trying to fit in our tasting and other consults early because spring is going to be hectic for us.  Has anyone else had any problems with her?  This has all been happening the past 2 months and I have been very understanding of the holidays and things like that but we are paying alot of money for this wedding and I don't feel its wrong to expect an answer in a timely manner, even if its just to acknowledge I am calling and say she will get in touch with me at such and such a time.  She was made aware that we would be doing things earlier than usual because of schedules and was even the one who suggested it!  In the past week, two emails and 2 voicemails have gone unanswered and whenever I call the hotel front desk and ask about her, they put me on hold then come back and say "well yes, she is here."  Then I'm transferred and get her voicemail.  I am holding out about complaining to a manager but would also like to know before I do so if I am just getting frustrated because I am already overstressed with school.  You ladies are always so supportive and really that's all I'm looking for....your advice is always most welcomed =) 
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  • We are looking at the Clarion Belle  too!!  So far I know Danielle has been busy but yea it is very frustrating!!!  Have you called the director Ginny yet?   Danielle and I usually correspond via email but I have called a few times only to leave a message and wait for her to get back with me.  Lately I was told they were planning a NYE galla, had meetings with upper management and looking for a new florist as Judy is no longer in business.   Im sorry you are going through this and I hope it gets better for you.   All the best!!   

    PS My fiance's name is Justin as well :  ))

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