DIY Table Numbers/Menu Tents- With Pics

Hi Girls!!! Happy New Year!!! The wedding is in 9 months and its time to get the ball rolling!!

I know alot of girls do DIY menus and table numbers but I figured I didnt want to be bothered with the amount of work involved until I came up with the idea of combining the number and the menu into one concept. Well after a little googling I came up with three concepts for my idea. Let me know what you think and what concept you like best. Keep in mind I will be designing my own per my own specs and there will be two per table.

#1 Is a tri-fold. Table number will be on one side and menu on other two sides.


#2 is a basic menu tent. Both sides will be printed.


#3 Is is just a folded card menu. Table number will be printed on front.

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Re: DIY Table Numbers/Menu Tents- With Pics

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