Cheap all inclusive venues?

Are there any all inclusive venues in Delaware that are under 15000? Starting to stress about how much this is all going to cost. Any help will be appreciated

Re: Cheap all inclusive venues?

  • We having our reception at The Executive Banquet Center in Newark. They can also host ceremonies. Our reception package includes cocktail hour, open bar all night, fresh flowers, full meal, cake, and gratuity. The only thing we wanted to add was a DJ and photographer. They also have a state of the art sound system, if you prefer to provide your own music. Brad is great and can help work with your budget. I don't know if it will work for you because I don't know how many people you want to have at your wedding, but for us it is well under 15000. HTH.
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  • That's awesome. I was just looking at their website. Thank you!
  • You're welcome! If you need any more help, let me know. This board is pretty quiet, but I check it often. I love planning, so I am more than happy to help!
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  • How many people are you including in that 15K?  I had my reception at the Clarion Belle in New Castle and I loved it. They were reasonable compared to some other AI venues in this area.  My reception was around 15K, and I had about 170 people. is their website, and they have their menu prices listed there.  If you call, ask for Ginny. She can be hard to track down at first, but she's really great at what she does.  I was really happy with my wedding.  Plus the food was amazing. 
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  • Guest list is 100 max. Imbetting around 75. I've heard good things about the clarion. That's on my list too thanks. Feeling much more confident we can pull this off.
  • I think either one would fall under budget for your guest list. Good luck!
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  • Have you looked at Embassy Suites in Newark? They may be below that budget!
  • I've been to a wedding at the Executive Banquet Hall and thought it was beautiful...and the food is delicious there!  Also, some of the beach venues are in your price range, but not sure if you are looking down there or not...

    We had ours at The Farmhouse, which is perfect for a guest list of around 75 and would be well under 15000, probably closer to 10000 for that size, but I'm pretty sure they are going out of business, which makes me sad to hear.
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  • I think The Executive Banquet Center in Newark should be your best fit.
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