UPDATE - Awful Website Experience

UPDATE 1/17 - After two days of ONLY emails with wedding tracker we were able to determine my account had expired, but (even though their terms of service says I will) I received no notification of the expiration.  The temporarily reactivated my account so I could renew and get the website working again.  I still find it ridiculous that My login and password were still in the system but it wouldn't let me login and just tell me it was expired and immediately renew, seems like a strange system.  I am also extremely frustrated that I could not get anyone from the know on the phone.  I called repeatedly all day during their business hours (according to the message I got), but received nothing but a recording where I couldn't leave a message.  The one time I managed to navigate myself to a person's voicemail box, my phone call was never returned.  So, while the problem was solved to my satisfaction I still have some serious customer service concerns.

I am in the middle of a nightmare.  I purchased a website domain through (associated with theknot).  I have used and edited my site as recently as a few weeks ago.  I sent out my 80 save the dates this week with the website URL on them, and now the website isn't working.  To make matter worse, it won't even let me know log in on the back end to try to figure out what's wrong!  It turns out weddingtracker has no phone support only email.  So all I can do it wait 24-48 hours for them to email me back.  I've located numbers for theknot and have been calling all morning.  All I get is a message telling me their customer service hours are 6am-5pm PST and to either call back then or they have too high a call volume to answer.  I find it hard to believe that was the case from 9am-11am (EST) straight.  I am extremely frustrated right now with both weddingtracker and theknot since I cannot get an actual person to talk to! 

I just wanted to share my frustrations.  I will edit my post if I receive helpful and satisfying support.

Re: UPDATE - Awful Website Experience

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    yikes sorry u're having problems like that...that's why i used weebly for my site. it's free & no TK problems attached.
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    We are having similar problems ourselves.  We purchased the domain name, and successfully logged in to start editing/creating our website about a month ago (we work on a cruise ship so don't get much free time to edit/create one all at once).  We have tried to update our pages over the past week and it won't let us save or update any information - the save and continue button doesn't work at all. 

    Did you have any further luck with getting your website to work?  There seems to be nowhere to contact to sk for assistance.

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