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Candy Help

Hey Girls! I need a little help. I know this has been posted before but i don't know if anyone still has the info. Does anyone around here know some good places in delaware (preferably in new castle county) to purchase bulk candy? Or just candy stores in general? Any that people have visited and recommend? I already checked out places like Costco and Bjs and someone told me to check out the farmers market.  I appreciate any help i can get. I have been looking forward to buying candy for my candy buffet for a year, i just never thought of a place to shop for it! Yay candy!

Re: Candy Help

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    Some of the places I list are not in NCCo, but I think that the candy and prices are worth the trip (both to Dover and to Philly).  Also, you will save a ton ton ton of money if you don't do a color cordinated buffet.  Page Steph for her complete story, but she originally wanted to do a purple and white themed buffet, and had to nix that because it just cost too much money.

    Also, keep in mind to get some other items (goldfish, animal crackers, nuts, raisins, popcorn, etc) for people that can't have candy (diabetics, milk allergies, etc).  They will greatly appreciate it, and I am sure your other guests will enjoy those items as well!

    Definitely check out BJ's and Costco, especially for things like MMs and Skittles- they sell them in the 3 lb bags (I think), and that alone will save you money, since those are popular candies.

    If you can tag along with a friend who has a Sam's Club membership (in Dover), I would recommend checking them out as well.

    Head to Byler's in Hartly/Dover area.  They are run by the Amish, so they don't have a website and aren't open on Sundays, but as Tonysgurl (Steph) will tell ya, their prices can't be beat- she got a majority of her candy from there, and saved a good bit too.

    There is also Harry Kenyon's in Wilmington, which is known for selling bulk candy for snack machines and the like.  I haven't been in ages, so I don't know if their prices are still as good, but it's worth a try (we used to get all the candy for our swim team's meets there).

    If you are willing to look online, check out Oriental Trading for the simple stuff, like lollipops and mints. They also have some mixes.

    If you are willing to drive to Philly, there is a place there that sells bulk candy (and nuts) for pretty cheap- it's gotten mentioned on the Philly board before.  It's called Nuts to You, and their website is http://www.nuts-to-you.com/.  They have things like Choco-covered Pretzels, Skittles, MMs, Sour Patch Kids, Peach rings, Gobstoppers, salt water taffy, popcorn, Twizzlers, Dum Dums, Good and Plenty, Trail Mix (several kinds), licorice, jelly beans, Smarties, Laffy Taffy, Kisses, Now and Laters, peanuts, and many other types of candy.  The only thing about them is I believe they have a minimum weight purchase, but it's around 2 or 3 lbs, so it's not outrageous.

    Keep your eye out at drug stores for Valentine's Day candy when they put it on sale- it will keep in time for your wedding, promise (Chocolate is around 6 months if not opened).

    Finally, keep an eye out for Easter candy when they put that on sale.  I know that is cutting it close, but you will be able to get some good deals on that ish!

    Hope that helps.  For scoops, try a restaurant store (there is one over in New Castle by the bridge I believe) or get them online at Oriental Trading (cheapest place I have seen them by far, here is the link: http://tinyurl.com/yh8uvus.

    Also, page Steph (Tonysgurl) for more info on hers- it was AMAZING, and she can definitely give you some pointers!  If you have any questions, feel free to page me!
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    I'm doing a candy buffet as well but its only going to consist of the loose/unwrapped movie theater type of candy( e.g. choc cover nuts and raisons, non-paraiels, gummy bears, swedish fish). I'm probably going to get about 10 different types and about 80lbs total. I am using www.metrocandy.com and they have the lowest prices I've seen anywhere by far. 
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