need help finding bridal shower venue

im hosting a honeymoon (italy) themed shower for my friend.....i had a venue sorted out but they ended up being booked. so now i am scrambling to find a replacement spot. a restaurant would be fine....italaian is with a private room?? it doesnt need to be too big......20 people tops. if not that, then are there any cool places that wont charge a fortune for a shower???
thanks in advance ladies!!!!!!!

Re: need help finding bridal shower venue

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    e2pwre2pwr member
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    I'm Planning my friends a Ed Oliver's Country Club.Not too bad on price snce there are a few of us splitting the cost. And I've attended one over at La Casa Pasta off 896. Private room. Really nice,
     Here's the Link
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    Lamberti's Cucina does a really nice shower, I've attended a few there.  Here's a link to their banquet page:!banquet/c21c9
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    [QUOTE]Lamberti's Cucina does a really nice shower, I've attended a few there.  Here's a link to their banquet page: <a href="!banquet/c21c9" rel="nofollow">!banquet/c21c9</a>
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    i called them and they arent free that day. i also tried the other reccomendation and they are booked as well.

    im starting to panic
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    Well, my shower was at Pizza by Elizabeths in Greenville.  It's not totally "italian" (you can't get pasta) but they have lots of interesting pizzas....I know a pizza place doesn't sound nice but it's actually pretty upscale if you've never been there.  My shower had about 20, but I think it was a little expensive to do the private room in this case - they charge you a minimum for the private room, the amount depends on the day of the week.  I think for 20 they would also just do a large reserved table or two for you, then there would be no minimum.  GL! 
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    Mine was at Brio at the Christiana Mall. They have a private room and the food was amazing!
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