I think I remember you saying that a) your son's birthday party was soon, and b) you were heading up to NY for a trip.  How did both of those turn out?!

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    Thanks for asking. It was my son Alex's 1st bday party and we couldn't have asked for a better turn out. We threw his party at a state park in NY and the weather which was my primary concern turned out great which allowed for an overall very exciting and eventful day.  We did potato sac, spoon and egg and 3-legged races to pass the time as well as badmitton and wiffle ball. We gave the kids lots of prizes and did a pinata as well. We had plenty of good food and drinks, even the adults had a blast.
     The only negative was that my fiance and I never got a picture together with our son that day which still disapoints me. There was just so much stuff going on. We forgot to pull the camera out at several occasions. Alex wouldn't wear his 1st bday hat or bib for us either to get a decent shot but here are some pics of the few we did get.

    Lots of wedding checks this past weekend too. I just haven't gotten around to posting those yet, but soon.
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    Awww what a cutie pie!  Glad to hear it was great turnout and event overall!  And I can't wait to hear about the wedding checks!
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