Hey DE- Anyone nearby have an abundance of round tablecloths? Looking to borrow.

I have an urgent need of tablecloths and really do *not* want to be stuck with tacky plastic coverings on the table or worse yet-bare. The tables are round, 5 ft. I'm short on cash as the event is upon me and last minute purchases are being made but I'm sure we can work something out. They're just so expensive to actually buy. I'd only need them for 1 (maybe 1 1/2, because of setup) evening. I'll launder and remove any stains, and compensate for what I wouldn't be able to launder properly. I'm thinking I'll need at least 12-15.
Me: scar tissue in uterus due to trauma, docs won't remove. Hub: slight tubal deformity (reduced sperm) BFP #1 09/23/06 Miscarry #1 10/18/06 Active TTC since 6/10/10 BFP #2 10/16/12 confirmed at docs. 10/22/12 hcg too low. :( waiting to see.
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