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I would really like to know, if anyone has anything to share about the Farmhouse as a wedding and reception venue.   All of the reviews I find online are a year to five years old.  Any information would be great!  Thanks!!

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  • I was also looking into the Farmhouse for my wedding venue, however, when you look on the website it says that it is closing and they wont be booking any more weddings Frown It's not stated on the main home page, but it's under one of the links on the site.
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    I've been to a wedding reception there, and personally, I hated it.  The layout of the place is horrible, so you don't actually get to see much.  It's small and cramped.  Sounds like it won't be an option anyway, if it's closing, but that was my experience.
    Good luck!

  • Yea, I had just sent my deposit in before I saw the website announcement, so I am under contract.  It is a smaller venue and they say you can have up to 175 guests, but I honestly wouldn't put more than maybe 110 in there.  It's definitely not ideal for a sit down dinner, because you will all be separated by the smaller rooms.  But I want to have a buffet or station style, so people will be mingling as much as possible instead of sitting around waiting for food.  
  • I got married at the Farmhouse in October 2011 and absolutely loved it!  We had about 130 guests and did the station style reception.  I didn't do a seating chart so people could mingle and eat as they pleased.  They do an amazing job there.  We got so many compliments on our location.  The food is delicious.  I'm sad to hear its closing because I highly recommend it!
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