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Do we want to do the siggy challenge or not?  I didn't get many responses.  If not, that's okay too.

If anyone has other ideas on how to make this board more hoppin', please post below; I would love ideas on how to have more fun on here!

Re: Soo...

  • kkidd28kkidd28 member
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    I'm still looking for more people to come to our GTG on the 29th!  And I'd love to see our MOD out too - I think its presurgery!
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    I'll try; money is tight right now, and I'll need to check my schedule.  Even if I am not there, make sure to take pictures and email them to me so I can send them on to Knot Annie!
  • Mattsbride10Mattsbride10 member
    edited December 2011
    How about designating a different bride each day to ask a wedding related question of the day? Or how about crowning a new bride each week as the bride of the week whom would ask questions all week long(wedding related or not)? I bet that would tempt more of us to actively post and make things more interesting. This DE board can get soo dull at times.
    Doesnt the philly board have a confessional post every friday? How about doing something like that?
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    Tell ya what, I will take all your ideas and try to find out some more (from the other Mods), and I will do a post on what everyone would like to do; give me a few days to ask the mods and hear back from them, and we will go from there.  But I do like what you threw out there so far!
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