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Florist help

I need a florist. We met with one but she didn't impress me much. She didn't have much to show us for our colors (purple and yellow) and seemed very scattered. Any suggestions? We are on a tight budget so that's also an issue. The wedding is in June so I'm not set on using roses - I would like more traditional colorful summer flowers. TIA!

Re: Florist help

  • alishingleralishingler member
    edited December 2011

    I met with 3 florists before choosing 1. I basically looked on this message board to see who was recommended, called to be sure they didn't have a minimum charge and set up some meetings. I met with Bloomtastic, Petals and Leaves, and Flowers on Springtree Lane. I ended up going with FOSL. I really liked them all and all 3 had greta ideas, but FOSL gave me the most for my money. They are really nice ladies and are giving me flowers I didn't think I would be able to afford.

  • a-ingrama-ingram member
    edited December 2011
    After going around and around on what type of flowers to have, we finally decided and met with DeSantis Florist and Hillard Florist.  Both recommended by friends and both had the same price for what we were looking for.  We chose Hilliard Florist because they seem more up to date than DeSantis, and gave us a lot of ideas on what types of vases to use to play up our look.

    Find pictures and bring them with you of things you like, even if they are completely different the florist can help you decide what looks good together.  Good luck!
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    I'm using Tara with Bella Couture Events.  My favorite thing about her was that she was so prepared for our meeting.  I didn't have much of a vision and she came up with some great ideas and brought drawings and books to show me.  She was also able to work within my budget.  Good luck.
  • sep72fendrsep72fendr member
    edited December 2011
    I hear ya on the flowers girl. I've been to like 4 different florists and am still waiting on one quote. The ladies at FOSL were amazing. So far they are the front runners until I get the rest of my info together.
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  • brittann87brittann87 member
    edited December 2011
    Thanks to all who responded! I appreciate the advice!!!
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    Flowers on Orchard Lane is very good!
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    I booked with Flowers on Orchard Lane. They have a minimum that you have to meet and I told them that the minimum was all I could do. They first went through and asked me what I wanted, showed me lots of pictures and then priced it out. Then she went back through and said to keep you in budget we can do this, this and this and still have the same type of look. Plus she is making alter pieces for the ceremony that will then be used as center pieces for the head table. She has done a couple of other things to that can be used twice. She was very nice and did another one of my friend's weddings and it was BEAUTIFUL!
  • sherise40sherise40 member
    edited December 2011
    I have heard so much about FOSL and FOOL but when I google them nothing comes up.
    I heard FOOL has a minimum but I cant find either via the web...maybe I am having a major brain fart but can someone help me out?
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    Definitely check out FLOURISH BESPOKE FLORAL AND EVENT STYLING! Bart is the owner and he is very personable and flexible.  He did out wedding and knocked it out of the park! I cannot tell you how many compliments I recieved on the bouquets, reception and ceremony.  He was truely one of my favorite vendors to work with and he really goes out of his way for you!  I'll try to attach a picture so you can see some of the work he did at my wedding....or you can search for his facebook page (just search flourish bespoke floral designs and events) where he posts some of his work (our wedding is on there as Ben and Annie's wedding day).

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