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Hey ladies! I know this board is super quiet, but I thought I'd take a chance. I am a bridesmaid in a friends wedding in April. The other ladies and I are starting to get ideas together for the shower and I am looking for suggestions for a hall or other location. There will be 60 guests invited and we are trying to keep it within a reasonable budget. Any ideas? Thanks!
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Re: Bridal Shower

  • Try asking around to close family and friends.. if someone has a big house and is willing, go for it! I did this for my sister's shower. My fiance's mom offered her house-- I went over earlier in the week to make sure she didn't have to do any crazy additional cleaning alone. Total pluses: FREE!!!, already pretty inside so only theme decor needed (unlike a blank hall), able to get in whenever to set up, full kitchen, and you're not stuck with a specifiic caterer. I love cooking so I did most of it myself, turned it into a family recipe book for her by asking guests to send me recipes and used, then had mom, grandmom, aunt, fiance's mom, and the other bridesmaids make their signiature dishes with copies of the recipies available. Could always hire catering, but I found that it was more expensive for things my picky sister didn't really like. Good luck!
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