Transportation help!

OK, to any of you northern DE brides out there- do any of you know of anyone who has a really cool, vintage car that they would be willing to rent out for just a few hours (if that)? Im having a Halloween themed wedding, so Id really love a hearse (dont judge!), but i highly doubt Ill find one of those. A vintage car would be awesome though! We dont have a ton of money to spend though, so going through a larger rental place isnt going to work for us.

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Re: Transportation help!

  • I did a quick google search and didn't find any specific local companies who mentioned hearse rentals...but have you thought about contacting local funeral homes to see if maybe they'd rent out a hearse for the day? 
  • I did think about trying that, but worried they might might find it in bad taste or something. I guess it definitely couldnt hurt to try! Thanks!
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  • Look up local car clubs and try contacting individual members.
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