Beach Wedding in DE

I am new to posting on here. I am always on here looking for ideas. Thing is we were going to have our wedding of 100 here in philadelphia but now have decided to cut that in half to 50 and get married on the beach in Aug 2014. Does anyone have any ideas/help? I am trying to research online but I figured posting here might help too. The ceremony has to be on the beach and the reception can be inside at a hotel or something. Thanks!

Re: Beach Wedding in DE

  • Just be aware that most, if not all, beaches in Delaware are public. I would reccomend finding a reception venue that you like and finding out if they are able to help with beach ceremony arrangements. I've heard great things about Solero, as well as the Indian River Lifesaving station. HTH!
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  • I'm getting married at the on the beach and reception inside.  They've been great to work with!
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