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Location for Engagement Photos

Hi ladies!  My photographer told us to figure out a place to take our engagement photos at.  Does anyone have any suggestions other than at a park or the beach?  I am just drawing blanks.  TIA

Re: Location for Engagement Photos

  • Santorini2011Santorini2011 member
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    Longwood Gardens maybe.  You could do the urban route and do downtown
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    We had ours at Longwood Gardens last week. It's a great place for pictures, but our photographer didn't really take advantage of the flowers. All of our pictures are green (trees, bushes), and we didn't like our photographer, so they could have been much better. The photographer just needs to sign something saying that they won't use the pictures for commercial use, and you're in!
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    You might think about doing something down at the riverfront.  You have the bridges, the water, the train station, the blue rocks stadium, all of that.  You could definitely get some great shots.  Plus, if you are willing to walk a little bit, you are not that far from Market Street and Rodney Square, where you could get some great city shots.

    In terms of Longwood, I have to say this: while it's nice, you can get decent shots at a park without paying anything.  That's just my thought though.  If you want something like that, you could also check out Gibraltar (which I like more because I think it has more of a "Secret Garden" feel!), which is also closer.

    In terms of nice parks, you have Valley Garden Park (there is this awesome moss covered foot bridge that looks great in pictures), Rockwood Park, and Glasgow Park (which has a huge playground that would be a great photo opp). You could also do Carousel Park, which has the horses, pond, and a fake "Western Town".

    If you want something inside, you might think about looking into the Delaware Children's Museum, which just opened.  It looks like so much fun, and would be different and unique photo opps.

    Hope this gives you a few thoughts on places; While you may not want parks, I tihnk there are enough parks that have different and unique oppurtunities that you may want to reconsider.  Hope that helps, and good luck!
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    I had my engagement photos done at Battery Park in Old New Castle.  It's where my DH proposed (on the twisty slide).  My sister is an art teacher (and photog) and she came down from NY to take out pics 2 years ago.  They have the park, walking path, little beach area, and playground, and it's on the water. 
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