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I went and saw the sanctuary at the COTR and fell in love with it. I didnt, however, fall in love with the price: 1275. What I was wondering is if any of you have heard of getting it for a lower price if you take out some of the things that are included in the "package." I wouldnt need stuff like dressing rooms and a light technician...but it is all lumped together into a package. The lady who is in charge of weddings is on vacation, so I thought Id see if any of you knew anything. There is also the Cana Chapel at the COTR...which after going into the sanctuary seemed like nothing :/ But since i'm on a budget...i wouldnt mind doing it there. It is 350 and includes the pastor...but it does not include a rehearsal. Do you think a rehearsal is even that important? Thanks in advance darlings :)

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    Just so you know, the coordinator at the CotR can be a real pain for photographers and videographers AND the B&G.  I have several stories I could share, but I'll just share one.Last year I had a B&G who didn't want to do a receiving line and just wanted to go straight to the reception in their limo.  They were already in the limo and the coordinator basically dragged them out of the limo and made them do a receiving line.  The B&G were furious about it, in addition to a few other things that happened with the church that day.The sanctuary is beautiful, but the staff can be difficult and demanding.  First Presbyterian Church is even worse.You might take a look at First Baptist Church.  They have a nice-looking sanctuary with wonderful lighting from the stained-glass windows.  And you'll fall in love with their staff.  They are awesome.  I think they are also probably less expensive.  Good luck!
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