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Sorry I missed yesterday's post... I don't know where my head was.

So tell me...
If you celebrate Christmas, are your decorations up?

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    We have our tree up, with blue and silver decorations. And there are lots of wrapped gifts around the base. I am using Christmas, Christmas shopping, and decorating as a distraction from finals and wedding planning. It is really helping with my stress level. What about you??
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    Yes! My roommates and I have a little timy Christmas tree with mini sparkly blue and silver ornaments on it and snowflake ornaments and clear lights hanging up around the apartment to make up for the tiny Christmas tree.
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    I have the inside decorated! Last year we did blue and silver, and this year it's red and white, I love it! I just need to put the lights up outside...

    There isn't a tree skirt around my tree, or presents because we have a 6 month old puppy running around. I hadn't even finished straightening out the tree skirt when he started chewing on it!
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    Yes! We have that tree, outside lights and decorations up. I have to work on wrapping this weekend.
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