Weekend Plans?

Anybody doing anything fun this weekend?
Southern Idaho brides... Anyone going to the BSU game or the Winterland Parade?

I have class tomorrow and Sunday from 8-5 with a HORRIBLE professor so I'm in a crappy mood.
BUT tonight I'm going to the Boise craft show with my mom!

Re: Weekend Plans?

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    sounds fun!! Enjoy the craft show!

    I am sleeping in tomorrow, the one day i get to :)  Sunday I have my bridal shower plus we are meeting with the wedding coordinator to finalize reception table layout. I can't wait and am really excited!!! Tongue out
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    Well, it's Saturday now, but this morning we went to a Pug Party (yep - we're those kind of owners...) and got pictures with Santa Paws :)
    Then, we went and ate at Chick Fil-A and then to free day at the zoo, and tonight we have FI's work Christmas party.

    I'm not sure what we're doing tomorrow...
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