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Do we have any northern ID people on here??! =)  No offense against the southern part of the state, you all have great venues, vendors, advice, etc. but most of it can't help me haha!  We're in the cda area and on a really tight budget (stressful!). I'm wondering if anyone knows of any good outdoor venues around, on the cheaper side? I've looked at quite a few, just thought I'd check here before making a final decision!
So if anyone has any wedding advice for around here I'll greatly appreciate it! Thanks! =)

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    I'm having my wedding in Sandpoint....we should throw some ideas at each other. When is your wedding?
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    Hello there,

    I'm not from Northern Idaho but I will be getting married in Sandpoint. I too am on a tight budget but if you know your limit you might be ale to combine things by choosing a restaurant or hotel that has it all in one price. I think we will be getting married at 41 South, a restaurant on the south side of the bridge to Sandpoint. The food there isn't cheap, but they don't charge a facility fee which I found at other venues. I have a friend who was looking into the Hayden golf course too, but I'm not sure what their prices are like. Hope this helps!

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    I live in Austin but we're having our outdoors wedding near CDA on July 31st. It is going to be at my aunt and uncle's place that over looks the lake. I've found a photography duo who have been really helpful and nice, not to mention at a great price. I haven't met them yet, but they have been very pleasant to work with through emails. Their website is" target="_blank"> I'm working on catering right now. My aunt has a friend who does wedding cakes and flowers on the side. Have you found someone to do yours yet? I'm looking for someone who can do hair and make-up on site. Do you know of anyone in the area?

    Sarah in Texas.
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