Bridal Shower locations

My friend and I are both getting married and we want our bridal showers to be in restaurants but we aren't sure which ones. Any good ideas in the Boise area?

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    Johnny Carinos has a large group room that they rent out.
    There's a tea cottage (I can't remember the name.. Miss something..) in Meridian that a lot of people do showers at.
    I'm drawing a blank now, but I know there's a lot more...
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    Louies in Meridian has a very pretty room and the food is great.
    Depending on what you are going for almost all of the Idaho Pizza locations have banquet rooms...
    Kahootz in Meridian has a beautiful outdoor area and a great selection of beer
    Bardenay downtown recently purchased the spot next door to the restaurant and they do events there.
    Sockeye on Cole road has a banquet room and amazing service
    Let me know if you need more ideas.
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    The Owyhee Plaza Hotel has a couple of spaces. Angell's has a room to seat 80. There is also Miss Tami's Cottage (formerly Cottage Expressions) in Meridian. They serve an awesome tea or lunch.
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