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Helping Plan an ID Wedding from Scotland...help please?

 Hello all. My sister is going to be getting married in ID in Aug 2011. She is looking in the Meridian/Boise area. Nothing too formal or posh. Think more backyard bbq/barn type feel. The problem is we are having a very hard time finding a venue to have the wedding at. She would prefer a place where we can do almost verything DIY.  
 Probably using Kanak Attack(hope I spelled that right) but not full catering, ordering trays (wIth a few things made by family that my sister wants specifically)
 and will set them up and hire a few ppl to keep the food in order- will be buffet style. 
 Would like to just hire on a bartender for the day or some such. Her fiance is military so we can get most of the alcohol very cheap thru the base. Not sure how ID is, but in AK I know you used to be able to apply for a liquor license that last for the day. Or if it was on private prop. you didn't need a l.l. Anyone know how the whole serving of alcohol works in ID?
 So all in all...any help, or links and such would be greatly appreciated. There will be about 50-75 people in attendance, and she would prefer a late afternoon wedding (4pm or anything after that) and plans on having the ceremony and reception in the same place. Her fiance would also like it to have some outdoor space available. And space for a dance floor, even if it is outside and we have to set up a tent. They have not totally settled on a budget yet, but it will be somewhere between $5-7.5k total.
 Sorry so many question, but as I said in the title, I live in Scotland so not like I can go and see places, and my sis lives in WA, and only makes it to ID about 2 times a year...hopefully we can get a good list of places together for when she goes back over in a few weeks. TIA for any help y'all can give!

Re: Helping Plan an ID Wedding from Scotland...help please?

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