Officiant Loopholes for Idaho?

I'm getting married in two months and my officiant just fell through.

Someone told me in WA that there was a loophole that allowed a person to perform a single ceremony wtih out getting ordained. Is there anything like this for Idaho?


Re: Officiant Loopholes for Idaho?

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    No loopholes that i'm aware of, but if you have a friend/family member willing to get ordained online they can perform your wedding, as well as a lot of civil servants. Mayors, former governors, and city justices can perform the ceremony as well, so if you live in a small town you might reach out to one, they are usually honored to do that sort of thing
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    I can marry you guys....have done several in Idaho.  I used to live in CDA but now live in Moses Lake, WA.  Can provide references if you'd like!
    Contact me at
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