Tell Me Tuesday

Are you done Christmas shopping?

**If you are, I'm extremely jealous**

Re: Tell Me Tuesday

  • pickle915pickle915 member
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    Almost! I just have FFIL left but we're stumped on what to get him.  He is probably the most difficult to shop for every year.  So far I found him kind of a gag gift. 

    He's a big coin collector and yesterday at an antique store here in Moscow I saw a one trillion dollar bill from Zimbabwe that I wanted to wrap up in a huge box full of filler material.  He'll wonder what it is and won't believe us that it's one trillion dollars!  But as for a real gift, no clue what to buy!
  • shortgrass03shortgrass03 member
    edited December 2011
    Pretty much! But I have a bit of an advantage - I bought gifts for my sister and her daughter who live in Phoenix while she was visiting over Thanksgiving so I wouldn't have to ship it, and then my parents, other sister, her son and FI and my FI and I are having Christmas this weekend, so I had to be done!

    All I really have left is FI's mom and step dad and one friend. :)
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    Almost! I just have a couple of little things to pick up before Christmas, and lots of wrapping to do!
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