Need a venue that allows outside catering NOT on a preferred list..

I am in search of a beautiful venue with outdoor ceremony & indoor reception areas. I already have a caterer (thanks to my step sister calling off her wedding, now it is my catering), so I am having issues finding a venue that will allow an outside caterer. I have looked EVERYWHERE. Any suggestions that maybe I have missed?
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Re: Need a venue that allows outside catering NOT on a preferred list..

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    Bryn Du Mansion in Granville
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    The Olde Gahanna Sanctuary has absolutely no rules on catering or alcohol providors.
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    A friend of mine got married at Olde Gahanna Sactuary. They were very laid back and inexpensive.

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    I had a similiar problem. The two venues that I found are The Northbank Pavilion and Hoover Y Park. They are totally different in terms of atmosphere but they both allow you to do pretty much whatever you want.
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    I think both of the barns in Upper Arlington and Westerville allow whatever caterer you want.  The barn in Westerville is dry, but the other is not.  They both have outdoor areas that you could set up.

    Also, the Grange Audubon seemed really flexible when I spoke with them last year.  They had a preferred caterer list, but it seemed like there was some wiggle room.  They did mention, however, that they were looking about redoing it.  They have a BEAUTIFUL view of downtown and a nice space for a ceremony outside.

    The Swim and Racquet Club is also really flexible, and surprisingly pretty!  I don't think there is an area for an outdoor wedding, but the venue itself is inexpensive so you could easily afford setting up a different outdoor space in a park, for example.

    Hope this helps!
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    The barn in Upper Arlington will let you bring whatever you want, but you can only serve alcohol from 5-10 pm. Don't know if it matters to you, just an FYI!
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    Thanks so much ladies!
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    FWIW, we are booked at the Grange, and while they did add and update their caterer list, it is not optional, its a requirement.
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    Also the barn in UA is a little small and when they say that alcohol is only served until 10 that means that the last drink will be served around 9 and all cups have to be thrown away by 10 p.m. We weren't huge fans of that rule.
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    I am looking at booking York Golf Club in Worthington where my dad is a member.  They allow any outside caterer I believe.
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