Yay Dress!!!

I found my dress finally! After trying on about 10 million different styles and finding about 5 million that I really liked, I finally got that "the one" feeling! It suits my personality, and suits the classic vintage feel of the wedding as well, so I'm very excited.

Re: Yay Dress!!!

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    Very pretty! Congrats!  Where did you find it at?
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    love it! :)
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    I actually found it over Thanksgiving in Tennessee, but Bridal Couture in Boise can order it for me! I'm beyond excited about it!
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    That is so beautiful. I heard finding the perfect dress is the hardest part of planning a wedding.
    You know you are truly blessed when you find that one who completes you,makes you totally happy, and feels your pain from the other room. The one you feel lost without, the one that makes you laugh, the one that makes you cry. The one that makes you wonder how you can be so lucky. Congratulations to everyone who has found "the one."
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