Dry reception - need social hour ideas.

I posted this in the Reception Board, and I'm going to post it in my month board, but I thought I'd actually put a WR post in here! I find I post other places, and I think I need to at least copy my postings here, and maybe it will help liven things up! :)

So I had posted earlier about my no dance party reception on the Reception board, and then it kind of turned into me needing some ideas of what to do for a social hour, since we aren't having any alcohol.

FI suggested Video games, twister and chess, but we are going to a local arcade for the after party. (the arcade has been a big part of our 6 year relationship) I think I'll try and think of some fun non alcoholic drinks, but does anyone have any ideas? We aren't having a DJ or band, so that's out the window. (It sounds like my reception is going to be boring! Please help me with some low cost ideas!)

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Re: Dry reception - need social hour ideas.

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