MAC bridal show tomorrow!

They still have a FEW VIP tickets left for the bridal show. The vip tickets get you rfront row seating, a special gift bag, seated served lunch verses standing in line and you get to sit sooner then everyone else to get your lunch. I think its worth the extra money!

What is everyone hoping to gain from tomorrow?
I myself am hoping to meet a couple of officiants and reserve one, I also am hoping to talk to some travel agencies about our honeymoon. We want to do a registry for our honeymoon and am hoping to eat some yummy cake and look at cake bakers!

Tips I can provide that I am doing..bring some sticky mailing lables pre printed with your can buy these at office stores or walgreens. If you purchase at walgreens download an address template from Wont be fancy but perfect for this event.)
you want this info on your labels bride and grooms name, your wedding date, your ph number and address and email. This will save your hands from all of the entering you will be doing in drawings and for all of the mailings you will get. Also bring a tote bag with you to carry your stuff. They do give them out but a sturdy one is nice to have. Also extra pens or pencils so your not waiting for any in case you have to fill out other details along with a notebook of some sort.also if you havent done so already you might want to start an email for JUST your wedding junk can create a free one at yahoo and gmail and many other places. Mine is at yahoo. =0) Comfy walking shoes too...there will be alot of walking around and standing!

Hope this helps some of you ladies out there!

I'm excited! Can't wait for tomorrow!
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