Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist Recommendations in Lincoln

Does anyone have recommendations for hair stylists and makeup artists in Lincoln? Thank!

Re: Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist Recommendations in Lincoln

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    I have worked with the IS Salon before with a runway show. They did all of us models hair and makeup and did a GREAT job. Not sure what they actually charge though but for quality I like them.
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    My stylists Kelsy Greisen does a lot of wedding hair/makeup in Lincoln.. she's amazing! She will also do hair and makeup on location so your wedding party doesn't have to travel.

    She's at Serenity Salon and her phone number is 202-2962.

    Mikayla :)

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    I used Heather Chloupek at Hair Today for all of our BM hair and mine too - she did a great job and was very reasonably priced (I thought - I *think* it was $40 for an updo?).  She also does makeup for $15 (again, I think).  What I LOVED about her was that she came to me.  This was so convenient since we were all in the hotel.

    I used Natalie at Sweet Jane for my makeup.  She did an amazing job but is pretty pricey.   I can send you more details about her if you want!
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    Thank you! I appreciate the recos!
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