Meat free Friday?

My fiance and I are now 70 days away from our wedding... YAY!!!  We are going to finalize menu with our caterer (Dee from Millard Plaza Ballroom whom we absolutely love!) in a few weeks.  Our wedding is March 26th, 2010.  It is a friday during Lent.  My fiance and I are non-denominational Christians but a lot of my family is Catholic.  Our menu is a buffet with turkey, roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean cassarole, pasta salad, and standard chef dinner salad.  Some members of my family have been asking about a meat free selection.  We are paying for everything ourselves and therefore are on a tight budget.  Should we consider a meat free selection and maybe go over budget or should we keep with what we have because there's plenty of other food?  Knot community thank you, you all rock!

Re: Meat free Friday?

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    Is there a separate main entree that you could substitute for like the turkey?  So it would be like Roast Beef or Vegetarian Entree for the two choices?  Instead of adding the vegetarian option as a third option, that would probably be what I would do, if possible in order to give both a vegetarian option but still stay in budget.
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    I agree with previous post.  I would try and see if there is something you can sub one of your entrees for that would be considered vegaterian but may still be enjoy by all guests.  What about a lasagna (meatless), canoli or other stuffed shell option.  I am not vegetarian or catholic and I would still enjoy any one of those.  You could even do a fish option as you can eat fish on Fridays during lent.  If a good chunk of your guests will be observing lent I think it would be inconsiderate to not offer something of substance (other than side) for them to be able to eat.
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    For what it's worth...

    When you posed this question I thought, OH meat on Friday IS a big deal (I'm Catholic)  But really... about 2 seconds later I realized that as long as I can remember, I've been getting by as a Catholic on Friday's when meat was served as a meal.  I think that NO ONE will hold it against you. So if the suggestions above achieve your goals within your budget, great! If not, don't change and don't worry.

    Just the same that people w/ religious beliefs against beef or pork will avoid it, discreetly and without comment, so will your family and friends.  Afterall, this is YOUR wedding and the one day that everything is right simply because you deemed it to be. 

    So please don't worry about the food, especially if it means that you will have to go over budget to change it.  I strongly feel that you should enjoy your day and if going over budget is stressful to you then don't.  People, such as myself, have been making due for years upon years and they will continue to do so through your wedding!

    Enjoy and Bon Appetite!
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    I agree...I think its your wedding day and I would like to assume your gusts would be VERY understanding and 1 meat day wouldnt kill them. I too have Catholics in the fam and do not think they would be offended..most of them have eaten meat on think it will be fine. If you feel it will cause probs maybe a pasta dish might be a good idea sans the meat! Perhaps a bakes ziti with just some cheeses or a 5 cheese lasagna or something along those lines. Gl! Dont let ist stress you. If someone actually had the nerve to say something on yoiur special day they dont deserve to be there celebrating with you!
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    I'd just talk to your caterer about it and see if they have any ideas.  Never hurts to ask what they could offer.
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    We just realized the same thing this weekend. We are getting married destination and having our reception March 26, 2010 too. We have decided to do half meatless and half meat choices so our guest have options. It is your wedding so do what you want, but I think by having a meatless option you will appeal to vegetarians and Catholics and everyone in the end will be happy.
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