Ellyne Bridal Lincoln?

Has anyone been to Ellyne Bridal in Lincoln? I am having the hardest time finding a wedding dress and I'm down to only 7 months out. What was your experience there? 
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Re: Ellyne Bridal Lincoln?

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    I'm from Omaha and I actually purchased my dress from Ellynes in Lincoln because they were much more polite and accommodating than Bridal Traditions who also had my dress. I had a hard time deciding between 2 dresses at Ellynes and so I went in numerous times to try them on & they were always so nice and explained different options I had with both dresses. If you go to any bridal shows keep a look out for them because they sometimes hand out coupons which I used when I purchased my dress. I can't say how good they are in alterations or following through with what they told me can be done with my dress since I just ordered it about 3 months ago. I thought they had a very good selection of dresses for all price ranges so I would highly recommend them. I would also recommend going on a weekday if possible because they are a smaller store and saturdays can just be crazy even if you have an appointment. Hope this helps! Good Luck!!

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    I checked out the Fremont store and couldn't find a single dress that was remotely my style. I don't know if they just didn't have a good selection at that time or what. Everything looked prom to me. The prices were great though.  I'm worried that I'm cutting it a bit close with ordering the dress. I can't believe how long it takes to get a wedding dress in, it's insane. 
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    I went to Ellynne this past Saturday and had an amazing experience there!  They do appointments on Saturdays December - April so I would recommend making an appointment.  We had a 10:00 appointment, went in at 9:00 to pick out dresses and I was trying on by 9:20 and the girl I had helping us was wonderful.  It was completely packed in there by 10:00 but she was still in and out of the room plenty and there for anything I needed.  I will definitely be buying my dress from there!
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    I went to Ellyne's even though it was out of my price range and I had the best experience there even though I did not find my dress. If you have the time to drive there it's worth it just to go. They sent me a thank you card for coming in the store. They had to have mailed it that day or the very next day because I went Saturday and got the card Tuesday. I was highly highly impressed.
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    I found a gorgeous bridesmaid dress there Wednesday but it was $230. One of my BM's said she can't afford it. Does anyone know if they give a discount if you buy your dress and all (5 in my case) of the BM's dresses there too? Guess it's worth a try....

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