Davids Bridal Complaint!

I just picked up my dress from Davids Bridal, they gave it to me in a clear plasitc bag.  I asked if it comes with a regular garmet bag, so when I bring it home my fiance won't see it.  The lady said I can buy a garmet bag from them for $10.  I thought that was crap!  I have spent hundreds of dollars in their store and they can't even give me a nice garment bag to put my wedding dress in.  I can understand maybe a clear plastic bag for any other dress, but not a wedding dress.  The wedding dress is suppose to be concealed, not in a clear plastic sac!

Re: Davids Bridal Complaint!

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    I went to DB for my bridesmaid dresses for my sister's wedding a couple years ago, and it was horrible. For anyone looking in the Tri-City area, i HIGHLY recommend The Bridal Collection in Grand Island. She even apologized to me that she was working with me and one other bride, and I walked in on a Saturday with no appointment. Beautiful dresses in all price ranges!
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    I'm surprised they didn't give you one! I feel like when I had bought my wedding dress there for my last wedding (that didn't happen, lol) they gave me a white one. It was super crappy...but at least it was white and not see through. =[
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