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  I was always under the impression that hiring a wedding coordinator was for very pricey weddings and something I probably wouldn't do.  I have recently heard that wedding coordinators can actually save you more money than what you pay for them- does anybody have opinions and/or recommendations in Omaha?  THANKS :)

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    Quite a few brides hire wedding coordinators.  Some hire help for the whole planning process and most hire DOC (day of coordinators) to help excute all of the plans on the actual day. 

    Marcia does coordinating and knows a lot about local vendors.

    I personally didn't hire one but I kind of regret not hiring a DOC as our caterer screwed up and a DOC could have caught what was going on and fixed some of the mistakes.
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    I spent 7 years in event planning.  I think it can pay off big time for you not just financially.  Some event planners get special pricing and they can pass that savings along to you (or mark it up and profit there and with a service fee).

    Ask if they mark up the pricing from vendors or pass the savings along.  I worked for a company that firmly believed in straight forward tactics... we save, you save.  Either way in the end there is almost always some cost savings.  Each planner can tell you where and how much they can save you.  You can choose how much/little that planner will do for you as well.

    The biggest relief for you will be the week/day of.  As with planning any event, you'll have "throw up"/"oh shnikes" moments.  An event planner is adept at making something out of nothing and also anticipating these situations.  THis can be very handy.

    Another benefit is assurance of quality.  If you have an event planner, the vendors you use are going to want to win over the event planner as they can steer repeat business (you are a one time shopper as a bride).  Vendors will be attentive to the needs and bend over backwards (most times) to make things right in the event of a faux pax.

    So look at a wedding planning spread sheet/to do list and look at 1 month to the day of planning activities... do you get nervous and uncertain that you can handle it?  How important is it to you to be relaxed and not a task master before the wedding?  These things should help you determine the value of a wedding planner.  THink of them as your right hand man, it is a business relationship (as opposed to a personal attendant).

    Good luck!
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    I am a wedding coordinator planning my own wedding rihgt now and I think for me I am saving ALOT because I know the ins and outs of things. I know where I can cut corners and save money. I know how o make things look like I spent ALOT and really I didnt spend that much at all. I think a good coordinator will help you save as much money as possible and wont hike their prices in the process. They are especially great for the day of because things do happen and it would be nice for you to not really know about them and let her handle the problems and situations so your not so stressed out. Also many are quick on their toes to handle situations, last minute fixes to things that might get messed up, back up plans for things.

    Friends can do this job too sometimes but I do think its good to have an UNBIASED person to be your coordinator because hiring friends and family can lead to problems. You also want someone who has been a coordinator before not someone who thinks because they planned their own that they can help you plan yours too.

    Like the other event person said they can be as involved or as little involved as you like.I have worked really close to my DIY brides helping them put together favors help them deocrate their venue, I have gone shopping with them for their supplies. I have also just consulted and helped them get on track with many ideas to help them save and then just do their rehearsal and day of. It all depends on you. I think they can help you alot more then people think. I think everyone assumes its only for the big pricey weddings and that all coordinators are very expensive which is not really the case. Ind. coordinators tend to be less expensive then a coordinator company with many planners under their belt. Sometimes some venues have coordinators to help you out as well. Some coordinators charge hourly, some by the percentage spent on the event, event size..rates do vary from coordinator to coordinator.

    Whoever you go with make sure they are truly checking around on pricing and be cautious that some may be getting some money from the businesses they are referring you to and that may be the only reason why they are referring you to them. I would do my homework as well.

    GL! Happy Planning...I have to learn to take my coordinator shoes off and be just the bride. My brides maids are throwing me the shower and I was like oh I want to do this and lets do this and this and they are like no your a bride not the stop it! lol
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    Hey, I am not a wedding planner and I can tell you what I know about the ones contacting you.l   Send me a message a
    I was overwhelmed when I began, I can at least let you know what I know locally
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    I too am a wedding planner (Fairytale Events) and could help you with any questions you have or give you suggestions over the phone of contact you may need.  Just shoot me an email and I'll be more than happy to help,

    Best of Luck!

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