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Hey Knotties, So I think we’ve all seen Jill and Kevin’s wedding processional. There have been lots of chat on the boards about it, whether you love it or not, I want to know if you've seen anything like this at a wedding or plan on doing it at your wedding? It seems like we’ve went from a choreographed first dance to this. I’d love to hear what you’ve seen at weddings or receptions since this has become a trend. You can email me at [email protected] or post below. Thanks so much!Annie
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    I honestly haven't seen it done at a wedding by my DH and I did it for our first dance.  All of our music during the ceremony was very un traditional ( it was an outdoor ceremony) with no church music.  For our first dance we started with a slow song that broke into a rendetion of a song from each generation since the 1950's.  So it had something for everyone that was there.  All the feedback we received was awesome.  They all said they enjoyed it and thought it was hilarious to see my DH attempt to dance.
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    I loved it! Now with that being said...Not something I would do at our chuch. Not because i don't think it's ok just that I don't think our pastor would be ok with it. But you never know :)
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