Finally got my bio done!

Ok so I've been procrastinating a long time on this (been engaged since 1/19/08!) but I finally put together a bio... I see it as a nice recap of all the planning I've done over this past year and a half! I didn't include much of my "inspiration" stuff but I know when I was planning, I got a lot of my ideas and inspiration for my ideas from other knottie bios. So enjoy and happy stalking :) Hopefully the links show up in my bio... but if not here is the link:

Re: Finally got my bio done!

  • caligirl2009caligirl2009 member
    edited December 2011
    *grumble grumble* anyone know how to get my bio to come up properly in my siggy?
  • akardiscoakardisco member
    edited December 2011
    First, go to to make your wed address "tiny". Then take the new address it makes and copy and paste it into this code:<a target="_blank" href="YOUR TINYURL HERE">My Bio</a>Then copy and paste it all into your signature. I hope that works for you! It was a pain for me to figure it out the first time too.Your bio looks great by the way! I love all the details, thanks for sharing! Your dress is beautiful! I love the light gold layer!
  • HuskerfanzHuskerfanz member
    edited December 2011
    Looks good!  I did chocolate brown dresses with black tuxes and love how it turned out!
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