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Hi,I'm just curious if most people are buying their centerpiece components or renting from florist or other.  If you did buy your centerpiece stuff, are you selling it after the wedding and where are you posting it?I'm trying to decide if I should buy someone's leftovers or rent.  What is everyone else doing?

Re: Re: Glass Vases, centerpieces and decor after your wedding

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    I bought a bunch of pretty lanterns from another OMaha knottie, and I got fishbowl vases free from a friend after her wedding (but I hate fishbowl vases, so I'm covering them with fabric I already have).I'll be selling everything after the wedding, and posting it here and on craigslist. :)  My wedding is October 2, so my stuff will be for sale soon.

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    I bought mine. I found simple cylinder vases at Dollar Tree for $1 a piece. I then covered it in some damask paper with pink ribbon on the top and bottom. I will try to upload a picture tonight on my bio. What are your colors? The vases are pink and black. I would be willing to sell them. We are getting married in 2 weeks. Also, the paper and ribbon are only stuck on with double sided tape and can be easily removed. Let me know if you want any more info.
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    With the exception of tableclothes, I am pretty much buying everything.  I considered renting but because I am adding ribbon or vellum or paper or flowers, etc. to everything, it was easier just to buy.  I am planning on selling everything after the wedding - either here or on the Trash to Treasure board to start with.  It gives me some piece of mind to have everything here. 
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    I bought cloth and my mom sewed them up to make table squares (instead of mirrors). The votive holders were the reception halls and they provided those and the candles free. I bought a third of my tall vases from Hobby Lobby with 50% off coupons and gifted them to the women in my wedding party afterwards. These were pretty nice vases. My florist actually offered to buy them off of me, but I had already planned on gifting them, so I said no. The other 2/3 I bought cylinders at Walmart for like $2 a piece. After the wedding I gave them to my SIL for her wedding. I thought the florist vases were way overpriced which is why I bought my own. Sometimes you can also get vases from garage sales.
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    Thank you everyone!  Such great ideas!  It is so helpful to be able to talk to other people who know what you are talking about!!Natalie - I'd love to see pics of the lanterns, that sounds fun.Michele, out colors are black & white so your black candle holders might be perfect!Lindsey, we are also using Frank at Mulhall's for floral.  I'll have to check and see what he has too.If you have pictures handy and wouldn't mind e-mailing them, my e-mail is mspence at durhammuseum dot org.Thanks so much for your help!
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