Has anyone ever ordererd a wedding dress or bridesmaid dresses from All of the reviews I have read about them have been great, but wanted to hear from some Omaha knotties. The price they quoted me for bridesmaid dresses was 25% less than the bridal salon in Omaha. Please share your experiences, both good and bad! Thanks.


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    I highly, highly recommend  I ordered my BM dresses from there and did not have any problems; the dresses arrived perfectly and, as you mentioned, cost a lot less than the bridal store quoted me.  I will not order from a bridal shop for BM dresses again.  Full review in my married bio (link below).
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    Ditto PP - great experience with Netbride.  The dresses were significantly less than the bridal shop, were delivered on time, and the customer service was great.  My only complaint about the dresses is probably more relevant to the dress company, not Netbride.  We followed the measurements exactly and each dress was too big.  Like I said, that is probably an issue with Dessy/After Six, not Netbride.
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    If you take the Netbride price to RK Bridal (Another only dress retailer) they will beat the price by an additional 5%. I had a great experience with RK.
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    Netbride actually matched RK's 5% off for me so they dropped their quote 5%.  I used them for my bridal dress and my BM dress and had a great experience for both.Some of the BM dresses ran a little big but not sure if that is because of the size charts or the BM's measuring or what.  At least they ran a little big as that's easier to alter than running small.
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    Thanks for all your input! I will definitley be ordering my BM dresses from Netbride.
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