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I know people have been asking for thoughts on Something New Productions...or at least I saw one post. I had posted a lot of questions about them before and a review after our wedding, but thought I'd post again for anyone to read. Megan and Craig were awesome!! They went way above and beyond what we could've thought photographers would. Megan showed up early at the hair salon to get pics of me, my sister, and my mom. We had a mix up with hotels for the groomsmen who came in town so we thought we'd never get pictures of the guys getting ready. We mentioned that to Megan, and while I was getting my hair done, she called up Craig and had him come up to the salon, get the guys' information, and he went to meet up with them super early (when he wasn't even asked/schedule to) so we could get the pics we wanted of the guys getting ready. It was very important to us since all the guys were from out of town. Craig just asked for phone numbers and took it upon himself to figure out where to track the guys down and take pics, etc. Megan was with us all day, about 9:30am-8ish I think. She took so many pictures, and sometimes we forgot she was even there. She also asked for certain things we'd like pictures of, was just very aware of everything going on and didn't miss a thing! If we needed anything, she offered to get it. She helped clasp a bracelet, helped with jewelry, anything. They were both fun, creative, and overly willing to help....they brought drinks when thirsty, got our plates of food, brought more if we needed it, anything we needed, they were there. A few weeks before our wedding, some stuff came up that they thought I'd be worried about. Instead of just igorning it, they came to DH and I and set up a meeting to reassure everything we needed/wanted and to let us know that they were going to do everything they could to make our dreams of wedding pictures come true. Any concerns we had were answered and treated accordingly. All in all, I'd say they were the best vendors we had for the day. Not once did I/we feel that we made a bad decision in choosing them for our wedding photography. There is no way you could ask for more! Nothing was missed, everything turned out perfectly. If interested, I can post a link to pictures. Just let me know! They are great!!!

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