I know I have seen this info somewhere, but I'm having trouble finding it & really need an answer. How do you figure out how many programs you need? We are planning on somewhere around 150-160 people, but I'm not even sure all of them will come to the ceremony since the NE/Oklahoma game is that day (time is still TBA) and there is a gap between the ceremony & reception... ? Please help!

Re: Programs

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    Xaviersmommy---we are date twins!  Only 19 days to go!!!  I have 170 who are coming and I am going to make 100.  HTH! :)
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    I made about 180 for 300 expected guests...although I went through the guest list and figured about 140 people would grab programs.I think we had a little under 300 people, and we have about 60 programs left I guess we used 120 programs for 275 guests?  A little over half?I guess I was thinking that having a few more was better than not having enough!Good luck!
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    Thanks so much for the help guys! I ended up making 75 for now, but I have plenty of materials (good old DIY projects!) to make more if I decide I want/need to.
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